ACA Insurance: Negotiate Your Medical Bills

It’s Your Right!

Navigating medical expenses can be overwhelming, especially if you have an expensive procedure or treatment. Fortunately, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) provides options for patients to negotiate their bills, even if they have insurance.

Negotiating with Insurance

Although the ACA generally prohibits hospitals from charging patients more than the amount allowed by their insurance, negotiating a lower payment is not always possible. However, if you have a high deductible plan and have already met your out-of-pocket maximum, you may be able to negotiate a reduced bill.

Non-Profit Hospitals

Non-profit hospitals are required by law to offer some form of financial assistance to patients who qualify. This assistance can take the form of a discount on the bill, interest-free payment plans, or even free care. To qualify, you must meet certain income requirements and provide documentation of your financial need.

How to Negotiate

Contact the Billing Department: Reach out to the hospital’s billing department and explain your situation.
State Your Case: Provide documentation of your income and expenses, and explain why you are unable to pay the full amount.
Be Prepared to Offer a Settlement: Be willing to make a reasonable offer that you can afford.
Seek Professional Help: Consider consulting with a medical billing advocate or financial counselor who can assist you with the negotiation process.

Additional Options

Crowdfunding: Consider starting a crowdfunding campaign to cover the expenses that you cannot afford to pay.
Charity Care: Many non-profit hospitals have charity care programs that can provide free or low-cost care to patients who meet certain eligibility criteria.
Medical Cost Sharing: Join a medical cost sharing organization that allows you to share medical expenses with other members.

Remember, negotiating your medical bills is a right protected by the ACA. Don’t be afraid to ask for assistance and explore all available options to reduce your expenses.

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