Can You Have Two ACA Health Insurance Plans at Once?

Imagine this: You go shopping for a new car, find one you love, and sign the paperwork. But then, a few days later, you receive a call from the dealership saying they made a mistake and you’re still responsible for the old car you traded in. Sound confusing and frustrating? That’s exactly what happened to one user who recently changed their ACA health insurance plan.

What’s the Problem?

The user, let’s call them James, signed up for a new ACA plan for 2024 through He received his new insurance cards, but then was surprised to also receive insurance cards from his old provider for the same year. James contacted his broker and, and they confirmed that his new plan was active and his old plan was supposed to be canceled. However, his old provider still claimed they couldn’t cancel his policy until they received official notice from

Why is This Happening?

According to experts, this issue may have occurred because runs an annual renewal job during October. This means that James’s old plan may have been automatically renewed before he actively enrolled in his new plan. As a result, his old provider may have had a delay in processing the cancellation file from

What Should James Do?

In this situation, James should:

Not pay the bill for January or later to his old provider.
Cancel any auto payments if he has them set up.
Make sure to pay his new provider so he’s covered for January 1st.

What Happens Next?

Typically, James’s insurance with his old carrier will be canceled for 2024. He should receive a cancellation letter from them. If he doesn’t, he can contact his old carrier and request one.

ACA Subsidies

James should not worry about his ACA subsidy going to the wrong provider. The subsidy will automatically be applied to his new plan.

Seek Professional Help

If you encounter a similar situation, it’s important to seek help from a licensed health insurance agent who can guide you through the process and ensure that you’re properly covered. Don’t hesitate to reach out to an expert if you have any questions or concerns.

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