Exclusive: Unlock Financial Freedom with ACA’s Family Coverage Fix

Navigating Healthcare Affordability: Understanding the ACA’s Family Glitch Resolution

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) recently amended its “family glitch,” offering a solution for individuals struggling with the high cost of family health insurance coverage. This blog delves into the intricacies of the family glitch fix, providing essential guidance on how to optimize your healthcare coverage and save money.

What is the ACA’s Family Glitch?

The family glitch, a provision in the ACA, limited access to affordable health insurance for families with one family member employed in a company that offered healthcare coverage. Under the glitch, employees faced unaffordable family coverage premiums, forcing them to enroll in separate ACA plans, even if their employer-sponsored coverage was deemed affordable.

The Fix: Expanded Access to Affordable Care

The ACA has now resolved the family glitch, allowing employees to drop their family members from employer-sponsored plans and enroll them in more affordable ACA plans. This fix applies to families where the cost of employer-sponsored family coverage exceeds 9.12% of the employee’s modified adjusted gross household income.

Qualified Special Enrollment Period

To enroll family members in an ACA plan after dropping them from employer coverage, individuals must qualify for a special enrollment period (SEP). This SEP is specific to the family glitch resolution and does not require other qualifying events.

Determining Affordability

Determining whether employer-sponsored coverage is unaffordable requires an affordability calculation. The ACA defines affordability as less than 9.12% of an employee’s modified adjusted gross household income. Employers can use three safe harbors to demonstrate affordability:

– 9.12% of W-2 wages for the prior year
– 9.12% of the federal poverty level in the prior year
– 9.12% of the minimum wage for full-time work (30 hours per week)

Steps to Enroll Family Members in ACA Plans

1. Determine Affordability: Calculate if your employer-sponsored family coverage exceeds 9.12% of your modified adjusted gross household income.

2. Drop Family Members: Contact your employer to drop your family members from your employer-sponsored plan.

3. Qualify for SEP: You will automatically qualify for a SEP due to the family glitch resolution.

4. Enroll in ACA Plans: Contact a licensed insurance agent to compare ACA plans and enroll your family members in coverage that meets their needs and budget.


The ACA’s family glitch resolution empowers families to access affordable health insurance coverage. By utilizing the steps outlined in this blog, you can optimize your healthcare plan and ensure that your family is adequately protected without breaking the bank. Remember, consulting with a licensed insurance agent can provide expert guidance and help you navigate the complexities of ACA enrollment. Unlock financial freedom and ensure your family’s well-being today!

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