Understanding PPOs and How to Find One as an Individual


Shopping for health insurance can be overwhelming, especially if you’re looking for a specific type of plan like a PPO (Preferred Provider Organization) or HSAP (Health Savings Account Plan). While most people are familiar with HMOs (Health Maintenance Organizations), PPOs offer greater flexibility and choice, which can be crucial for individuals with complex medical conditions. In this blog, we will help you navigate the complexities of purchasing an individual PPO/HSAP health insurance plan.

What is a PPO?

A PPO is a type of health insurance plan that offers more flexibility in choosing healthcare providers compared to an HMO. PPOs typically have a network of preferred providers, including physicians, specialists, and hospitals. However, you can also seek care from providers outside of the network, although it may come with higher out-of-pocket costs.

Benefits of a PPO

Provider flexibility: PPOs allow you to choose your own healthcare providers, including specialists and out-of-network facilities.
Lower out-of-pocket costs: Within the PPO network, you’ll typically have lower copayments and deductibles compared to out-of-network providers.
Catastrophic coverage: PPOs offer lifetime coverage for major medical expenses, such as a serious illness or injury.

Finding an Individual PPO/HSAP Plan

Finding an individual PPO/HSAP plan can be challenging. Here are some options to consider:

Private insurance companies: Contact insurance companies directly to inquire about their individual PPO/HSAP plans.
Health insurance brokers: Brokers can help you compare plans from multiple companies and find the best option for your needs.
Local health insurance agencies: Agents can provide assistance and guidance in navigating the insurance market.

Enrolling in an Individual PPO/HSAP Plan

Once you’ve found a plan that meets your needs, you can enroll directly through the insurance company or through a broker. Remember to carefully review the terms and conditions of the plan, including premiums, deductibles, and out-of-pocket limits.


Purchasing an individual PPO/HSAP health insurance plan can provide you with greater flexibility and choice in accessing healthcare. By understanding the benefits of PPOs and utilizing the resources available, you can find a plan that meets your needs and protects your health. If you’re eligible for Medicaid or Medicare, it’s essential to explore those options as well. Remember, navigating the insurance landscape can be complex, but with the right information and guidance, you can make informed decisions and ensure you have the coverage you need.

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