Unveiling the Truth About Grandfathered Health Plans and the ACA

Many people have received letters informing them that their grandfathered health plans are ending. This can be concerning, especially if you’ve had your plan for many years and you’re satisfied with it.

What are Grandfathered Health Plans?

Grandfathered health plans are health insurance plans that were in existence before the Affordable Care Act (ACA) was passed in 2010. These plans are exempt from certain provisions of the ACA, such as the requirement to cover essential health benefits and the prohibition on annual and lifetime limits.

Why Are Grandfathered Health Plans Ending?

Insurance companies can discontinue grandfathered health plans at any time. There is no specific provision in the ACA that requires them to keep these plans. As a result, many insurance companies have decided to phase out their grandfathered plans in order to focus on offering plans that comply with the ACA.

What Can You Do If Your Grandfathered Health Plan is Ending?

If your grandfathered health plan is ending, you have a few options:

Shop for a new health plan on the Health Insurance Marketplace. You may be eligible for premium tax credits to help you pay for your new plan.
Contact your state’s insurance department. They may be able to help you find a new health plan or provide you with other assistance.
Consult with a licensed insurance agent. They can help you navigate your options during the Special Enrollment Period.


You have 63 days after your current coverage ends to get other coverage without having to answer medical questions.
Do not wait for your current insurance company to contact you. They will be buried in clients looking for answers.
Be proactive in seeking our licensed agent help.

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